"Your House Call Vet"

Small animal veterinary services in the comfort of your home.


Benefits of a House Call Veterinarian
House call veterinarians offer some benefits that animal hospitals cannot, including:

  • Reducing fear and anxiety many animals experience when taken from their home to a veterinary hospital.

  • Avoiding exposure to diseases that may be present in hospital waiting rooms—especially important for very young pets, old pets or immune-compromised pets.

  • Convenience for those who have difficulty traveling to veterinary hospitals, such as people in assisted living, people with mobility issues and people with multiple animals.

  • Better evaluation of behavioral issues. It’s often easier to observe behavior problems where those problems typically occur rather than in a clinical environment that stresses the pet and causes it to act differently. How many times has a veterinarian heard “But he never behaves like this at home”?
"Your Housecall Vet"